DIY Combination

As an avid woodworker I love making things for the house, for other people, or just because I want to.  There is something about the satisfaction of taking a block of unfinished, splintering piece of chopped tree and turning it into a beautiful, smooth, and glossy piece of furniture or a lovely jewelry box.

After reading NOWTOPIA, by Chris Carlsson, I have been inspired yet again to build.  I plan to combine two ecologically sound concepts into one.  The plan is to build a raised bed planter box to grow vegetables and fruit.

I even had the concept, as gross as it may seem, to use my dogs “yard waste” as fertilizer for the soil.  I plan to make it deep enough to possibly grow corn, as it has shallow roots, and other common vegetables such as potatoes, beans, and maybe even some fruit.  Of course it will be wider than the one pictured above, and maybe taller, but I promise it will be very functional.

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About Tired Doggie

Ray Gilmore is a Aerospace Engineering Technician for the U.S. Navy. His true passions are the hobbies he does in his spare time. He loves to build household wood crafted items including furniture and decorative items, enjoys miniature painting, and crafts his own beer and hard cider. DIY is his thing.

2 thoughts on “DIY Combination

  1. On the last part of this about fertilization; I have found that you can not use animal waste as fertilizer if they eat meat. There is something in the composition that makes it unusable. Luckily there are horse stables all over my area…they eat grain.

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