A Healthy Old Perspective To Chew On.

Many people wonder what can be done about pollution and waste disposal today.  After reading Nowtopia, by Chris Carlsson, I was inspired to attempt to help the environment and save money (and it gave me an excuse to build something new).  This essay will instruct and explain to you how to reduce waste, save money, and have better control of your health by growing your own food, using your own compost.  Woodworking, being a hobby of mine as well, helped in this process by giving me firsthand experience on how to build a raised bed planter, grow vegetables, and build a compost heap.

To say that growing your own vegetables is too hard to do is preposterous; I am going to show just how easy it is.  The hardest part is gathering materials without breaking the bank.  I can tell you that building a planter box costs little to nothing.  It was an inexpensive $51 for all the boxes materials, much lower than what I normally pay for wood in a project.  Compost piles and vegetables do not have to be extremely expensive either.  I have found that many places offer free compost or will charge very little for this natural nutrient substance.  In fact, all it actually takes to make your own garden is a little time and care.  With these things you will be making yourself healthier and more eco-conscious using naturally organic foods.

Some say that it is easier to just buy vegetables from the grocery store or local farmers’ market.  It may be easier to do this but do you really know how it was grown?  Do you really want to trust your health to a total stranger?  The grower could use pesticides or chemicals that are unrevealed to you or the vegetable could be a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).  Grow your food with your own hands, that way you will know exactly how it was grown.  It is a much more rewarding feeling to see that you have succeeded in raising these plants and know the fruits of your labor are also healthy for you.


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