About Us

Hello English V01A!  This is our book club group blog.  Our group includes Amber, Day, Ray & Scott.  We will discuss and review the contents of the book NOWTOPIA by Chris Carlsson, along with posts of video, images, and our interpretation and responses to the book.

Authors left to right:
Day Bouma, Scott Donelson, Ray Gilmore, Amber Dusky

Day Bouma is a full-time dilettante and non-certified scientist pursuing an ADN at Ventura College. She received her bachelor’s degree in fine art and enjoys making, drawing, writing, brewing, and baking. She also posts her Dungeons and Dragons inspired art at Halfling Bard.

Ray Gilmore is a Satellite Control Technician for the U.S. Navy.  His true passion is the woodworking he does in his spare time and loves to build household items including furniture and decorative items.  In addition to this blog, he also publishes the tireddoggie and dungeondoggie blogs on wordpress.com.

Scott Donelson is a paralegal by occupation, his interests include photography and photoshop, metal sculpture, and computers. you can find more of his musings and photos at Scott Donelson Photography.

Amber Dusky is a 35 year old student, double majoring in psychology and sociology with a minor in ASL (American Sign Language).  Amber is also a business owner, specializing in housekeeping and is a caregiver for the elderly.  In her spare time she likes to swim at the beach (sometimes with dolphins) and hike the beautiful mountains in Southern California.  Amber also enjoys dancing, reading, and cooking.  You can view Amber’s personal blog by following imamberbug on wordpress.com.


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