Square Foot Gardening

by Scott Donelson

I recently stumbled upon an interesting gardening concept called square foot gardening, and decided to give it a try. I’ve always thought the idea of having a vegetable garden would be a lot of fun. Walking out to your square foot garden and picking a fresh tomato for tonight’s dinner appeals to the self-sufficient nature of most frugal individuals.

I know just enough about gardening to know that I am not very good at it, and that it is a lot of work.  As a kid maybe you were fascinated with the idea of growing things, but maybe you thought the lack of a yard made planting anything practically impossible. Try square foot gardening.

The concept behind square foot gardening is plant fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown in raised beds, above infertile soil and even out of the reach of pets or pests. Plants are placed in 1X1 square foot plots, and when harvesting is complete a new plant is placed in the square. Raised beds can sit directly on the ground, or include a bottom layer and be located on patios, decks or porches.

My first foray into square foot gardening was quite a success; I decided to use the simplest and cheapest method available, the garden in a bag. The Garden in a bag is simply a bag of garden soil laid flat with a few holes for the plants to grow. I chose this method for two reasons; space and cost, taking up only the size of the bag of soil and costing only the price of the bag of soil,add in a few plants and my garden was up and growing.

If you are interested in a square foot garden of your own there are many resources online.


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